Why a Hacienda Wedding Gives You a Unique Boutique wedding

Mexican Haciendas are little gems hidden away in the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula, and the experience a bride would have and provide to her guests with a Hacienda wedding will be indescribable. Lush gardens, personalized attention, beautiful pools, tropical plants, peace, tranquility, serenity are all coming together to create a personalized wedding of a lifetime.

Destination wedding at Hacienda Temozon

Marlene and Cuau got married in the Hacienda Temozon placed in Yucatan Peninsula.

Imagine you and your guests arriving at Cancun or Merida airport and having a personal car service pick you up. You drive through the beautiful tropical forest of the peninsula to a Hacienda converted to a luxury hotel. You are transported to a traditional colonial palace with large walls, colorful majestic painted walls, gardens and waterfalls, pools, spas, hidden cenotes and private cabanas.

Hacienda wedding at Hacienda Misné in Mexico

Andrea and Luis decided to celebrate their destination wedding in a Mexican Hacienda and had a wonderful experience in a local church.

A Hacienda wedding in Mexico is an amazing option if you want an unique experience. Just imagine what a gift you can give your friends and family to experience a few days in an intimate secluded paradise visited only by very few each year.

A rare known fact: Steve Jobs stayed at Hacienda Temozon Sur (shown in the picture above).

Hacienda Temozon Sur as a destination wedding in Mexico

Hacienda Temozon Sur with lush gardens and magnificent entrance.

List of luxury Haciendas in the Yucatan

These haciendas in the Yucatan Peninsula provide brides a unique and elegant experience to have a wedding very few people will ever visit in their lifetime.

Hacienda Temozon Hacienda Temozon
Located in Temozon Sur, Yucatán.
Phone: +52 (999) 923-8089
Read my review of Hacienda Temozon and also you can check Marlene & Cuau destination Wedding photos placed here.

Hacienda Dzibikak Hacienda Dzibikak
Phone: +52 (988) 933 0006
Read my review of Hacienda Dzibikak

Hacienda Misne Hacienda Misné
Located in Mérida, Yucatán.
Phone: +52 (999) 940 7150
See Andrea and Luis’ hacienda wedding photos in Hacienda Misné

Hacienda San Jose Hacienda San Jose Cholul
Located in Tixkokob, Yucatán
Phone: +52 (999) 924 1333
Read my Review of Hacienda San Jose Cholul

Hacienda Tekik Hacienda Tekik De Regil
Located in Tekik De Regil, Yucatán
Phone: +52 (999) 920 2632
Read my review of Hacienda Tekik De Regil

Hacienda Uayamon Hacienda Uayamon
Located in Uayamon, Campeche
Phone: +52 (981) 813 0530

hacienda-xcanatun-icon Hacienda Xcanatun
Located in Mérida, Yucatán
Phone: +01 (800) 202 2566

Hacienda Santa Rosa Hacienda Santa Rosa
Located in Santa Rosa, Yucatán
Phone: +52 (999) 923 1923

Hacienda Campeche Hacienda Puerta Campeche
Located in Campeche, Campeche
Phone: +52 (981) 816 7535

My experience as a Hacienda wedding photographer

Elite Traveler, an award-winning lifestyle magazine, listed the 14 best Haciendas in Mexico and 6 of these Haciendas are in the Yucatan Peninsula. From these 6 Haciendas, I have photographed weddings in 4 of these. I have a great relationship with these Hacienda event coordinators and will be happy to help you setup your wedding at one of these beautiful locations.Most of the information and photographs you will see on the Internet about these Haciendas will showcase their tropical gardens, their classic pools, their elegant rooms.

Hacienda wedding at Hacienda Temozon

Marlene and Cuau getting married at a traditional church found on the grounds of Hacienda Temozon. It was a beautiful and unique ceremony. There were so many tears in the crowd.

Interested? I can tell you more…

Since I am very familiar with these Haciendas let me give you additional information to help you plan your wedding and get a better sense of the beauty, elegance and luxuriousness of what you can have for your Cancun wedding.
Email me at info@lifewondersphotography.com and I will answer your questions and can provide you information to create a very unique Hacienda wedding experience in Mexico.

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