Vidanta Wedding Reception | Tamara & Elaine

Tamara and Elaine’s beachside Vidanta wedding reception was all about togetherness.

wedding reception in vidanta

The couple was keenly concerned with making all of their guests feel welcomed and loved. For example, right after Tamara and Elaine’s first dance, they invited all of their guests out on the dance floor with them. I think the bonds of friendship and family grew even stronger during this breathtaking reception!

Take a look at all the fun and beautiful details below:

waiting for newlyweds

Tamara and Elaine arriving

newlyweds in vidanta riviera maya

tamara and elaine reception

Tamara and Elaine let loose upon their entrance to the reception. You can tell that they were ready to get the party started! Their joy was simply infectious.


first dance

first dance vidanta

first dance couple

tamara and alaine first dance

same-sex first dance

same-sex wedding

first dance in the beach

first dance of Tamara and Elaine

first dance hug

I love capturing candid moments like this. Tamara and Elaine were so good at making each other laugh; you could tell that they were both soul mates and best friends.

portrait of family

Bride and drink

vidanta wedding reception

vidanta wedding food

vidanta wedding decoration

Tamara and Elaine in reception party

From the food to the decor to the overflowing bouquets at the couple’s table, the Vidanta resort pulled out all the stops to create a sumptuous reception. The floral arrangements were done up in Tamara’s favorite colors: blue and purple.

vidanta reception party food

vidanta wedding reception

vidanta wedding

vidanta wedding cake

cutting the wedding cake

throwing the bouquet

reception party in vidanta

Tamara and her friend


Elaine and her friend

Guests dancing in vidanta wedding reception

dancing in vidanta wedding

newly weds dancing

party in vidanta riviera maya

There was so much energy out on the dance floor! I know Tamara and Elaine will love looking back at photographs like this and know that their guests were having the time of their lives.

tamara having fun

wedding guest dancing in vidanta resort

What an incredible evening shared with loved ones. For this couple, sharing the journey through life with the ones they treasure most is what marriage is all about — I am so glad I was able to capture the beginning of this lifelong journey for them.

newlyweds in vidanta resort

If you haven’t already, check out the getting ready, ceremony, and portrait photos from Tamara and Elaine’s love-filled celebration.

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