Vidanta Wedding Portraits | Tamara & Elaine

Talk about the perfect day for photographing wedding portraits! At the Vidanta resort in the Riviera Maya, couple Tamara and Elaine blew me away with their glamorous, unique sense of style.

Tamara and Elaine

Vidanta Riviera Maya resort proved to be the ultimate backdrop for these portraits; Tamara and Elaine’s all-white outfits popped against the turquoise decor and bright blue waters of the resort. Tamara is a photographer herself, so I felt so honored that she trusted me to capture her wedding day. I think every portrait so clearly illustrates the love these two have for each other — check them out below:

vidanta wedding portraits

Tamara and Elaine portrait

Vidanta wedding

I love how the day’s bright sunlight cast a pretty glow on the couple, and the resort’s lush foliage lends the photos a tropical feel.

bouquet close up

newlyweds in vidanta

couple portraits

Elaine's portrait

wedding attire

tamara's portrait

We had some fun striking poses in front of Vidanta’s interesting architectural details. I love it when my clients are not afraid to let their personalities shine through in their photos.

Elaine's portrait

wedding portrait kissing

wedding portrait in riviera maya

holding hands

couple portrait in vidanta

vidanta resort

wedding in vidanta riviera maya

Thick palm fronds and a deserted boardwalk made it feel like we had the whole resort to ourselves during the portrait session. That feeling of privacy lent each shot an intimate vibe.

couple in vidanta

newlyweds in vidanta

photo session in vidanta wedding

newlyweds kissing

vidanta beach couple portrait

wedding in vidanta beach

vidanta riviera maya wedding

wedding in riviera maya

wedding in vidanta riviera maya

No Mexico beach wedding photoshoot is complete without some portrait photos on the water. Capturing Tamara and Elaine alone against the endless blue sky and sea made for some dramatic, romantic photographs. I know the couple will cherish these forever.

vidanta resort riviera maya

vidanta wedding portraits

wedding portrait in vidanta

wedding portrait in riviera maya beach

love sign

How stunning is this couple? You can just tell by the way Tamara and Elaine gaze into each other’s eyes that their love is as endless as the deep blue sea. It was my absolute pleasure to capture their love on film, so that they can reminisce about this special day for years to come.

The couple’s wedding reception at Vidanta was also full of love — and full of friends who loved to party! Check out the reception photos here; my favorite photos from the reception are of when Tamara and Elaine make a sassy yet sweet entrance to the celebration, plus all the photos of their friends getting down on the dance floor.

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