Ritz Carlton Romantic Proposal – Jessica & Euginio

Jessica and Eugenio have a long tradition of surprising each other (especially on vacations), and this last December, Eugenio arranged the biggest surprise of them all.

They planned a vacation to Cancun; however, Eugenio wanted to take this opportunity to surprise her by organizing a secret, incredibly romantic way to propose.

First, he found the perfect location—the Cancun Ritz Carlton, an elegant resort with an amazingly romantic setting, located directly on Las Casitas beach. Next, he contacted me to help him organize and choreograph the entire event, and together we came up with a marvelous plan for a romantic proposal!

The venue was to be a romantic dinner in one of the Ritz’s private beach casitas, so I arrived before them to photograph the beautiful scene as the sun began to set. Then, from a hidden viewpoint, I waited as the couple arrived and were led to their private casita. Romance was heavy in the air—candles were lit, the ocean breeze blew gently, and flowers adorned their casita.

brilliant blue hue of sunset cabanas

table setting for dinner inside cabana

dinner table at the cabana

dinner table setting for romantic proposal

dinner table setting with lights

Eugenio and I had pre-arranged everything with the Ritz Carlton staff, and I continued working with them to keep the surprise going as smoothly as possible. Under the guise as the hotel photographer, I arrived with the waiter and took the first photos of the couple, supposedly for hotel marketing purposes. She didn’t suspect a thing!

man and woman smiling at dinner table

woman ordering from menu

man and woman at dinner table

Next, came the special menu, which Eugenio had transformed to the story of their love. She began to tear up as she read their intimate love story, and this was the moment Eugenio dropped to his knee and proposed. It was a beautiful, emotional moment for both—Jessica said yes as they both cried tears of happiness!

But the surprise wasn’t over yet. The waiter brought their first course—her gorgeous engagement ring nestled inside a single rose, set on a white plate, with “Jessica will you marry me?” written out in chocolate. This was followed with a fun photo session of the happy couple on the beach. When we returned to the casita, Eugenio’s final surprise arrived—a Mariachi trio. They serenaded the happier-than-ever couple as they dined and celebrated their love.

The setting was beautiful and the evening was perfect. I do believe this may have been Eugenio’s grandest engagement surprise.

romantic ways to propose during dinner

couple smiling during dinner

man put a ring on the girl

engagement dinner table setting

couple kissing during dinner time

couple photograph in ritz carlton

engagement dinner photograph

woman in white night dress

man in blue shirt and white vest

man kissing lady's hand

romantic proposal in ritz carlton

fiance staring at fiancee

black and white proposal photography

engagement photography on the beach

engagement photography on the beach

couple smiling for their cancun wedding photograph

couple kissing on the beach at night

couple listening to mariachi band player

violin player of mariachi band

mariachi band for romantic ways to propose

couple with mariachi band

Dorota Jamal

Dorota Jamal

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Dorota Jamal