Now Sapphire Cancun Wedding Portraits | Marilyn & Andrew

The Now Sapphire Resort in Cancun was the perfect backdrop for a stylish couple Marilyn and Andrew’s portrait session. Ideal sunny weather and a range of portrait location options — like the resort’s gardens, arched doorways, bridges, and of course the beautiful beach — gave Marilyn and Andrew lots of options to choose from.

No matter where I photographed the couple, though, one thing always shined through: Marilyn and Andrew’s love and respect for one another, and their excitement over starting this new journey together. Take a peek at some of this stunning couple’s Now Sapphire Cancun wedding portraits below:

Cancun Wedding Portraits

Palm trees, thatched-roof huts, and an abundance of sunshine add a tropical feel to the couple’s intimate photos — this amazing location is why you opt for a destination wedding!

Newlyweds portrait


Bride and groom at Now Sapphire Resort

Interesting architectural details, like this red-brick archway, uniquely frame the couple and add some visual interest to the portrait. The Now Sapphire Resort had plenty of nooks and crannies that were perfect for this style of photography.

Bride and groom kiss

Bride and groom photography

Bride and groom portrait

The way Andrew looks to his bride is so adorable and full of love; I couldn’t resist capturing that in a portrait photo.

newlyweds in Now Sapphire Resort

Bride and groom in Cancun beach wedding

Marilyn looked gorgeous in her siren wedding dress (it looks like Andrew agrees!), and her lovely rose bouquet was a chic and elegant match.

Cancun wedding portrait

Bride kissing groom in Cancun beach

wedding portrait in Mexico beach

Portraits on the beach are some of my favorite moments to photograph. The wild, endless sky, sea, and sand accentuate how wildly in love this couple is.

bride and groom kiss in beach wedding

black and white beach wedding photo

black and white photograph of beach wedding

Talk about passion! In this photo, it looks like Marilyn and Andrew are the only two people on the beach, and they only have eyes for each other.

bride and groom black and white photo

bride and groom in Cancun beach

Bride and Groom next to Cancun Beach

As the sun starts to set, the water turns a gorgeous, deep blue, providing the picture-perfect backdrop for the couple’s last few portrait photographs on the beach. I love how the deep blue color is reflected in Marilyn’s beautiful crystal belt.

Bride in Now Sapphire Resort

Bride and groom in Now Sapphire Resort

Wedding portrait in Now Sapphire Resort

Wedding reception at Now Sapphire Resort

Groom at Now Sapphire Resort

bride and groom portrait in Now Sapphire Resort

Even when the sun went down, things were still heating up during this portrait session! Andrew and Marilyn had practically the whole resort to themselves, so we took advantage of that with more photos around the resort in Now Sapphire’s romantic, moody lighting.

Bride and Groom reception

Now Sapphire Cancun wedding portraits

Now Sapphire Resort in Cancun has so many different settings to enjoy, we didn’t want to miss any spot! The couple opted for an eight-hour wedding celebration, which meant we had plenty of time to capture all of the locations during the portrait session.

Groom kissing bride hands portrait

Bride and groom photo

bride and groom photograph

There’s still more photos of Marilyn and Andrew’s Cancun wedding! Check out their reception party photos to see how they danced the night away and celebrated with their families.

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