Your Moon Palace Wedding – 4 Things Every Bride Must Negotiate

Brides have a love-hate relationship with the Moon Palace Resort when planning their Cancun wedding photography, and it is justified. However, if you learn to ask the right questions when you negotiate your wedding contract, you can make your Moon Palace wedding fun and easy. In this wedding article, I will give you several Moon Palace wedding tips to do just that.

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Saying the Moon Palace is a large resort is an understatement. With over 2,400 rooms on 123 acres of land, it is gigantic. Here are just a few of the event attractions on site: a signature Jack Nicklaus golf course, a 39-room spa, a full nightclub, 17 restaurants, 12 bars to choose from, an amphitheatre, the surf simulator FlowRider, mini golf, themed play rooms and playgrounds for kids, not to mention the pools. With all of these amazing attractions, you must be wondering what there is to be worried about for your Riviera Maya wedding.

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Moon Palace, a beautiful but large resort which presents advantages and disadvantages for weddings due to its size

First, let me tell you some of the good things about Moon Palace weddings.

Moon Palace Weddings – Great Ceremony Locations
Moon Palace has a lot of choices for wedding ceremony locations on their resort grounds. You can choose to have your special Moon Palace wedding on one of their many beachside terraces, the chapel, the numerous seaside gazebos overlooking the Caribbean waters, or one of their majestic indoor ballrooms.You can also have your ceremony on the beach. What’s great about a beach ceremony is that they have some private beach areas which allow you to party far into the night! Moon Palace really knows how to take care of their bridal couple’s preferences. So when you are talking to the wedding coordinators, don’t be shy — just tell them what you really want and let them create a magical day for you.

bride groom at altar at moon palace gazeebo


Moon Palace Weddings – Great Wedding Packages
The Moon Palace wedding packages are packed with extras that you would not think of. They really want to make sure you get exactly what you want — and they will spoil you.

bride having fun at moon palace riviera maya wedding

You can choose wedding packages with garden views, beach views and an even an option for arriving in a horse-drawn carriage! If you are wondering whether there is a demand for brides wanting horse-drawn carriages, then let me tell you that there is. This particular feature caters to many of the Indian wedding brides.

bride groom horse carriage at moon palace cancun wedding

Having said that, Moon Palace weddings are designed to cater to specific nationalities and cultural backgrounds. You can have non-denominational weddings, Catholic weddings, Jewish weddings, Indian weddings as well as a Mayan celebration. Moon Palace doesn’t stop there with their wedding packages to spoil you. They will also cook foods specific to your chosen wedding culture,so you and your guests get the whole cultural experience when choosing a Moon Palace wedding.

If you are have certain food preferences due to dietary needs, ethnic preferences or religious requirements, discuss this with the wedding coordinator. Due to the large number of guests that visit the Moon Palace, they are familiar with almost all types of varieties and will most likely be able to meet your culinary needs.

The Moon Palace Wedding Challenges
Now that I’ve told you all the great things about Moon Palace wedding packages, you must be wondering what could possibly be the problem about booking your Cancun wedding at Moon Palace.

It’s not that there is anything bad about Moon Palace weddings, but due to the immense size of the Moon Palace and the number of weddings they have each day, you may find that your wedding day setup is not ideal. This could be due to the physical distances that need to be travelled between venues.

bride groom waving bouquet at moon palace cancun

The Moon Palace wedding planners are very busy coordinating weddings each day and making each one the best Cancun wedding experience for that bride. But sometimes when they are reserving your ceremony location, cocktail hour and reception, the physical time to travel between these locations is forgotten. This can cause delays and unnecessary worry to the bride, groom and their guests. To add to this, when it rains, you and your guests will need to scramble to stay dry and beautiful while navigating the resort to the next event location.

I want you to be aware of these various scenarios because my brides have experienced it. By informing you now, I hope you can discuss it with the Moon Palace wedding planners prior to signing your contract. This will help you to avoid these problems and have a more fun and easy Cancun wedding experience at the Moon Palace.

Below, I will explain what you want to be aware of and how to discuss this with your Moon Palace wedding planner. Make sure you go over these points before you sign your contract.

Room Location versus Ceremony Location (time, moving about)
As I mentioned earlier, due to the sheer size of the Moon Palace, there are some logistical issues with the bride, groom and wedding party going from their room to the ceremony, then travelling from the ceremony to the reception.

bride going to wedding moon palace riviera maya

What does this mean? When you book your rooms for the bride and groom, don’t just look at the type of room and the view you get. Ask the wedding planner the following questions:
1. How far are the bride and groom rooms from the ceremony site? Can you walk this with your gown?
2. How far are the bride and groom rooms from each other?

When your bridesmaids and groomsmen need to travel between your rooms, you do not want it to take them 20 minutes to get to the other room just to deliver a message or an item of value.
Understand how far the rooms are from the ceremony. For example, after you are finished getting ready, will you be able to walk 20 or 30 minutes with your bridal party to your ceremony site?
I recommend that my brides ask for the bride and groom rooms to be close together as well as choosing rooms that are close to the ceremony site.

Possible Wedding Day Challenges You May Encounter
Here are some of the challenges you may encounter if your rooms are too far away.
1. Wedding delays due to walking distances from the room to the ceremony site.
2. Less time with photographer for bride and groom getting ready, since it takes so long to get from room to room.
3. If it rains, you and the wedding party will be walking in the rain to the ceremony site. The wedding planners may also have to make quick decisions and start juggling weddings to different locations. This can cause some unforeseen unpleasant options for the bride, groom and wedding guests such as walking further to the ceremony or reception with no umbrellas.

Wedding Photography and Videography Challenges You May Encounter
As your Cancun wedding photographer, I want to make sure you look beautiful and relaxed while having fun on your wedding day so that we can capture wonderful memories of your special day for your to cherish for the rest of your life. If you are stressed and worried during your wedding, it will show in your photographs. So, my goal for all my brides is to give them wedding tips that help them enjoy their day.

Since your wedding photography and videography is going to capture this special day for you, I want every minute of the day to count. Imagine if it takes 20 minutes to travel from the bride’s room to the groom’s room. Then 20 minutes to the ceremony location from the bride’s room. If you had purchased a 6-hour photography package, your wedding photographer and videographer will spend 40 minutes going back and forth between the rooms while the bride and groom are getting ready (unless you hired a second photographer or videographer) as well as another 20 minutes to get to the ceremony site. Granted, they may follow the bride to the wedding ceremony and be taking great photographs along the way, but time is being taken up due to the distance we need to travel.

bride and groom going to wedding moon palace riviera maya

After the wedding, most brides want to have family portraits and bridal couple portraits. If your ceremony is not at one of the beachside terrace or beachside gazebos, then you and the wedding party will need time to travel to the beach for these portraits.

I am going to stop here because I want you to understand that no matter where your rooms, ceremony and reception are, we will still be able to capture amazing wedding photographs for you. But what I want you to also be aware of is that you can make it easier on yourself by asking the right questions and reserving event locations that are closer together so your whole wedding experience is not about rushing from one place to another.

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What to Negotiate in Your Contract
The best time to discuss all of this is before you sign your contract. You really deserve a day where you are the center of attraction, and to be happy and enjoying yourself. So, I suggest you negotiate the following in your contract:
Make sure the bride and groom rooms are close by, less than 2 minutes away. That doesn’t mean you have to be down the hall from each other, but close enough that you can walk to each other’s room quickly. This is far enough that the groom will not see the bride, but close enough to travel between the rooms for your vendors and bridal party.
Make sure your rooms are close to the wedding ceremony site so you and your wedding party can arrive quickly and easily to the ceremony.

What to Negotiate in Your Contract if it Rains
One of the most overlooked items I have seen in most of my brides’ wedding contracts is what happens if it rains. It is true the sun shines bright and hot here in the Riviera Maya, but the truth of the matter is this is a tropical climate and it rains, so plan for it.

The rainy season is from July to November. Granted, it is not raining the whole day. But it can rain for 20 minutes, then the sun can be out and it is hot again while you can see the after effects of the rain.

Remember, most people will tell you not to worry because it will not rain. I know you don’t want to think about it, but I’ve seen brides who did not plan for the rain and it is not a fun situation to be in. I do not want this to happen to you. So please make the extra effort and discuss with your wedding planner what they will do if it rains.

Discuss things like:
1. Where will the ceremony be moved to?
2. Where will the reception be moved to?
3. How far is this alternative ceremony/reception from your rooms?

The best things to negotiate in your contract if it rains are:
1. Bride and Groom rooms are near each other (not too close)
2. Golf cart for the bride and groom.
3. Golf carts to transport the guests from the ceremony to the reception.
4. Umbrellas for the bride, groom and guests.

bride and groom going to wedding moon palace riviera maya

Jasmine looks beautiful and relaxed. She had a golf cart waiting to take her to the ceremony from her room

Remember, your goal when negotiating your contract is for the resort to assist you and save time between the different events.

If you are able to come and visit the Moon Palace before your wedding, this is ideal. Then you can see the venue for yourself and make much more informed decisions. If you do come to visit, contact us and we can have a beautiful engagement photography session to capture your time here in magical Cancun, Riviera Maya.

bride and groom going to wedding moon palace riviera maya

Jasmine and Rob had a fun Moon Palace wedding. Such a beautiful couple. They planned ahead and everything went smoothly.

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