Mexico Wedding Groom Beach Attire – How to Keep Him Happy

When you picture a wedding, the chances are you think of beautiful women in stunning white dresses, and charming men in flashy black tuxedos. But what about when you’re taking your wedding out of the pages of a catalogue, and onto the sandy beaches of Mexico? Is a groom tuxedo still appropriate? Wearing comfortable clothes is an essential part to keeping a groom content during one of the happiest – and also most nerve-wracking days of his life.

If you consider the hot weather that pervades the Mexican atmosphere, you will realize that the traditional black groom tuxedo option isn’t ideal for beach wedding attire. Choosing non-traditional groom attire could be the best way to ensure that your groom remains comfortable, and looking amazing in every one of his wedding photos.

Wedding groom beach attire

The Importance of Being Comfortable

One of the first things you’ll learn from any experienced photographer – is that it doesn’t matter how expensive or classy a piece of clothing is, if the person wearing it isn’t comfortable. You might think that your pictures are bound to look better if the groom is wearing a classic suit, but Mexico weather runs at about 30 Celsius / 86° Fahrenheit for most of the year, meaning that the heat can quickly take its toll.

What’s more, sand basically works its way into every fabric, and you’re much more likely to see it on dark colors and black tuxedos than lighter, more casual hues.

Go Non-Traditional on Your Beach Wedding Groom Attire

Instead of the old-fashioned tuxedo, try a cotton or linen material in light colors such as light blue, green, aqua, beige, or white. Often times, solid colors give the best effect in photos, since patterned suits can take the focus away from the bride, and give the groom a stocky appearance. Even if the groom does want to wear a suit, have him try one made of a light fabric that’s capable of breathing well on the beach. He will see how comfortable it is and how good he looks in it.

The following are just some of the beach wedding attire for the groom you could consider for your Mexico beach wedding:

  • Instead of a long-sleeved jacket, choose a light cotton jacket, a vest, or just a classic and elegant shirt.
  • Ditch the restricting leather shoes and open the door that leads to sandals for a beach wedding, or even consider getting rid of footwear all together and walking down the aisle bare foot. It’ll be a marvelous way to obtain the full beach experience.
  • Go for a trendy look – like you’ve just stepped off the pages of a magazine – casual and sophisticated at the same time. You don’t need to wear a suit to look incredible on your wedding day, and there are plenty of weather-appropriate options that can be ideal.

Happy wedding groom beach attire

The Perfect Wedding Photos

I mentioned this before, but I can’t stress it enough. Choosing a casual, less traditional look for the wedding groom attire will help to keep him comfortable and at ease throughout the wedding. This means that we will soak up genuine memories and happiness in photographs; rather than the agitation of the groom sweating through all of his clothes.

Remember, whatever you choose for your groom to wear, I will be there to help guide you through the steps to grab those perfect images. This is while making sure that the final product is a sequence of memories that will sparkle for a lifetime.

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