How to have a terrific hair day at a beach wedding

A beach wedding at an exotic vacation destination such as Cancun or Riviera Maya is a dream come true for many brides. The bride and the groom deserve to look their best on the wedding day, and of course in the wedding photographs that capture the best moments of the day. While a beach provides a marvelous backdrop while exchanging vows and a spectacular setting for the photographs, bridal makeup, and hairstyles need to be planned with the tropical climate and strong winds in mind.


Strong Winds, Humidity, and Heat

Wedding by the beachfront means there will be lot of wind, extreme humidity and sun blazing directly on you, particularly if its summer. A professional hair stylist who has worked for a beach wedding before will be well aware of these conditions and will style your hair accordingly so that the style is intact until the end.

Preparing for the Stylist

Most stylists will be happier to work with clean, non-greasy hair. Before the stylist and makeup artist arrives, prepare for yourself for the beach wedding by taking a shower or bubble bath and washing your hair using a mild shampoo. The stylist can always apply a necessary product like mousse to ensure that the hair stays in place until the end.

Recommended Styles

While your bridal hair style should reflect your personality and suit your facial features and bridal outfit, if you have planned a beach wedding at Riviera Maya you need to pick a up-do and use plenty of hair spray. While flowing hair styles might seem to be ideal for a beach wedding, the wind and the spray will make your hair look disordered unless it is pinned in place.

By choosing a loose up style, you will have a hair style that looks relaxed but stays in place. Inform your stylist about the location so that they can place additional pins to hold your hair in place. When choosing your wedding hair style, flip the switch and select the flow and texture of your hair. If you have naturally straight hair, choose a style that makes use of this, while if you have wavy hair or curly hair, choose a style that uses these waves and curls. This will help the stylist use less product on your hair and yet ensure that your hair looks radiant for a long time.

beach wedding hair of bride and bridemaid

As a beach wedding is a more relaxed affair, walk down the avenue towards a soft, loose up do that suits your face. However, by pinning the hair in place, you will sparkle and stay confident throughout the day and night. Use a light hair spray that will keep your hair looking natural and apply more of it to ensure that your hair is in place. Instead of leaving your hair open, which can cause frizz and make your hair look unkempt, choose an elegant up do that retains your natural look.

Veil to Go

A traditional bridal dress comes with a veil. When you are dressing for a beach wedding, make sure that your veil is properly pinned down to ensure that it does not blow into your face when you are reciting your vows or posing for photographs.

Bride and veil photo

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