Grand Sunset Princess Wedding Portraits | Ursula & Dan

These are Ursula and Dan’s Princess beach wedding portraits in the Grand Sunset Princess Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. It was a real pleasure to be part of their wedding and capturing amusing intimate moments with this unique couple.

princess beach wedding portraits

Groom and bride portrait

For their couple portraits, Ursula and Dan had time to walk around the Grand Sunset Princess Resort, so we were able to find some original backgrounds to photograph.

Newlyweds photography

Bride and groom

Bride portrait

Bride bouquet and accesories

The accessory on the bride’s feet looked amazing and comfortable. Plus, Ursula’s coral nail polish definitely “popped” and added some charm and glow to her casual barefoot feet.


Groom black and white portrait

Ursula and Dan did some very smart things to make their celebration unforgettable. For example, they gifted fun matching sunglasses to the bridal party. These cute props the pictures very fun to take since the bridesmaids and groomsmen were so playful with their sunglasses on — enjoyed the glasses more than expected! Plus, with their sunglasses they weren’t worried about squinting due to the sun, which made for a relaxed,fun, and playful moment with the newlyweds.

Wedding in the beach

Wedding in the beach

Bride and bridesmaids wearing sunglasses

Bride and bridesmaids wearing glasses

Groom and groomsmen in the beach

Bride and bridesmaids smiling

Bridesmaids and groomsmen in the beach

Bride in beach wedding

Bride bouquet in the beach

bride and bouquet

bride and bridesmaids in a beach wedding

Ursula and bridesmaids were always smiling and striking poses to the camera.

Grand Sunset princess wedding

Don’t forget to bring those fun and colorful sunglasses and share them with your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and guests if you are having an afternoon wedding. This couple matched the sunglasses with their wedding’s theme color. The result? A fun and playful vibe for this engaged-in-the-moment couple.

groom and groomsmen in a beach wedding

Dan and his crew were so imaginative and natural.

groom and groomsmen

Bride and groom wearing sunglasses in the beach

Bride and groom having fun in the beach

Bride and groom kissing in beach wedding

grand sunset princess wedding portraits

These wedding portraits were so fun to take. Here Dan decided just to pick her up and I could quickly capture Ursula’s face when he surprised her. They really enjoyed the moment.

Bride and groom having fun

Bride and groom in Mexico wedding

Bride and groom in a beach wedding

grand sunset princess wedding portraits

Bridal portraits

I love the moment when Dan kissed her shoulder. They way she looked at him was full of joy and love.


Groom kissing bride's hand

Dan is a complete gentleman! We can see how much love they love each other and I really wish them the best as newlyweds!

Destination wedding photography

grand sunset princess wedding portraits

Hope you liked Ursula & Dan’s Grand Sunset Princess wedding portraits! If you want to see more of this newlyweds’ heart-warming wedding photos, take a look at their ceremony photos and getting dressed moments.

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