Alix & Henry

Henry was such a joy! Smiling away… more like giggling! Alix, it looks like Henry has got your sunny disposition! And what a perfect outfit to wear this day… it brings out his beautiful sky blue eyes!
I’m looking forward to seeing this little one crawling and walking! He will be so fun to follow with the camera!

Lauren & Carter

It was a last day for Lauren and Carter at Stroller Strides. Lauren was returning to her work. While we were celebrating this day we also did a photo session. Carter must have sensed that there is change about to happen and he would not cooperate with smiles that day. I know most mommies want to see the photos of their babies with their full adorable smiles on but I love these photos. They just show truthfully Carter’s mood that day… not upset or fussy but more on serious note… Here are a couple of my favorites.