Now Sapphire Cancun Wedding Portraits | Marilyn & Andrew

The Now Sapphire Resort in Cancun was the perfect backdrop for a stylish couple Marilyn and Andrew’s portrait session. Ideal sunny weather and a range of portrait location options — like the resort’s gardens, arched doorways, bridges, and of course the beautiful beach — gave Marilyn and Andrew lots of options to choose from.

No matter where I photographed the couple, though, one thing always shined through: Marilyn and Andrew’s love and respect for one another, and their excitement over starting this new journey together. Take a peek at some of this stunning couple’s Now Sapphire Cancun wedding portraits below:

Cancun Wedding Portraits

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Now Sapphire Cancun Wedding Reception | Marilyn & Andrew

After a gorgeous wedding ceremony and bridal portrait session, Andrew and Marilyn were ready to party it up at their Now Sapphire Cancun wedding reception. The couple was surrounded by their close family and friends throughout the evening, and a dance floor, delicious bites, and an utterly romantic dinner table setting made the night truly unforgettable.


This Cancun wedding reception was so fun to photograph thanks to the resort’s unique lighting and all of the guests’ infectious joy!

Check out Andrew and Marilyn’s reception photos, full of energy and love, below:

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