3 Simple Actions to Avoid Ruining Your Getting Dressed Photos

The most intimate wedding memories begin with the bride and her wedding party getting ready for her ceremony. I want you to have wonderful photographs of your Getting Ready session, so here are three very useful tips to help avoid problems and keep you relaxed on your special day for a series of beautiful photographs.

bride smiling during getting dressed photographs - getting dressed

I love how the natural light from the window lights Andrea’s beautiful smile as she shows her dress to her bridesmaids

These moments are often filled with loveliness and anticipation, and you will always be happy that you had a photographer to capture these moments forever. I tell this to all my brides and we have an amazingly fun time together.

bride getting ready beautiful lighting - getting dressed

Dana looks radiant and relaxed during her Getting Dressed. Again the natural light really enhances her beauty.

Take a look at how radiant and relaxed Dana is in her Getting Ready session at the Riu Palace, or how stunning Marilyn looks in her Now Sapphire Cancun wedding photos with her lovely bridesmaids.

getting dressed white wedding dress - getting dressed

Marilyn gets a little help from her bridesmaids

Be Almost Ready

Many brides think the purpose of a Getting Ready Photo session is to document the entire process, but this is only partially true. Your photographer arrives to capture the final moments of your Getting Ready session. I will artistically photograph your beautiful wedding ring, your veil, shoes and your dress hanging elegantly on the door.

In order for your photographer to capture these spontaneous, tender moments before the ceremony, you will want to give yourself time. Have your hair and makeup done before the Getting Ready session, and later, we will take wonderful photos of the final touches to your hair and makeup.

bride getting ready applying makeup - getting dressed

The lighting and the reflections gives Marilyn a dramatic effect

The moment you put on your dress and become a beautiful bride is a very special, singular moment. When I arrive, I will take photographs of you putting on your dress, sharing special glances with your bridesmaids, sisters, or mother, as they help you button your gown, put on your shoes, or adjust your veil. I will also capture the intimate and emotional moments when you first see yourself, or when your father first sees you beautifully dressed as a bride.

Make Sure the Room is Clean

You may not have thought of this, but you will be so happy if you are aware of this little detail. Be sure to keep the room where you will be getting ready as uncluttered as possible—hide bulky suitcases in the closet, throw away any garbage, hang up extraneous clothes, and have the bed made.

Helpful Bridal Hint:

I want all the brides I work with to enjoy their wedding day, so I will tell you what I tell them: give this job to one of your bridesmaids. To be make it even easier, you can also request housekeeping to your room in the morning. Viola!

A clean room also provides the perfect backdrop for photos of your dress and shoes. Look at this gorgeous photo of Marilyn’s dress hanging from her canopied bed.  The colors of the crisply made bed allowed for an exquisitely toned and balanced shot, which would have looked differently had the bed been a mess.

simple wedding dress hanging

Clean and crisply made bed will tone and balance the photograph. This allows the dress to be the focal point and look elegant and beautiful.

Keep the Best Room for the Bride

Once, I went to a wedding where the groom was given a glamorous master suite with ocean views, large patio doors, and a grand terrace. Meanwhile, the bride had a small room in the back of the resort, with minimal natural light and almost no patio. Obviously, while they were going to be together in the master suite for their wedding night and the days following, the time spent getting ready was in those separate, contrasting rooms.  It was then I decided I needed to make sure to tell all my brides to stay in the nicer, bigger room.

hacienda tekik de regil wedding room

Look for rooms with nice natural lighting and open spaces for the bride

Why, you ask? Because of the Getting Ready photo session!  Your room sets the scene for the ritual of getting ready for your wedding, and it is important that the setting complements the beauty of this time.  You are going to look gorgeous in your getting ready photos, and you will look even better if you’re not in a cramped room.

Another tip I like to tell my brides is to be sure they get the room with the best view and plenty of natural light. Spacious rooms with large windows or skylights are ideal, as the illumination will help your photographer take some stunning shots of you, your gown, and your friends. Even better if the room’s windows open up to amazing destination wedding views—the breath-taking backdrop will translate beautifully in your getting ready photos. Look how the bright, natural lighting and pretty view highlights the beauty of Dana and her bridesmaids this timeless, Getting Ready photograph

bride smiling with bridesmaids getting ready

Natural lighting a nice balcony highlights the beauty of Dana and her bridesmaids

Don’t Miss Out on Photo Opportunities

I love sharing what I have learned working as a wedding photographer in Mexico, and while these three tips are key to having a great getting ready photo session, there are plenty of other little details to consider (like what hairstyles and sun care work best for a beach wedding).

bride beautiful wedding hairstyle

Sofia looks so happy here and the beautiful grand halls of this Hacienda in the background gives this photograph an elegant classic feel.

I want to help all my brides feel relaxed while I capture the unforgettable moments of their day, and my experiences have given me plenty of tips to share. If you want to discuss how to make your getting ready photo session amazing, get in touch with me and we can talk about some of the fun ways to capture it.

52 Tips to Make Your Photo Session Go from being Average to Amazing!

These are not your average tips, these are exclusive tips that brides, couples and families have told me time and time again that these tips have made them more relaxed, less stressed and better prepared. And it showed on their beautiful photos!

So Enter your details below and have amazing photographs:


* Required fields

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Must-Have Wedding Photos (or You’ll Never Forgive Yourself)

For most couples, hiring the right wedding photographer is very important to them, and it should be. In my experience, there is also another important decision that many couples do not give enough attention to; choosing your photo sessions. I will explain all the different photography possibilities on your luxury wedding day so you can make an informed decision and create a memorable collection of wedding photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime!

newlyweds in cancun - wedding photos Justine and Ben had so much fun during their wonderful couple photos. This is just one of many photos they will cherish forever

These are the photos you will share with friends, family and eventually your kids and grandkids. I want you to have the best day of your life and have it captured!

destination wedding in cancun beach - wedding photos The gorgeous surroundings that Mexico offers makes for a dreamy day for every couple

I have had brides tell me they are glad I explained the different possibilities and the importance of each type of photo session, so that they could make an informed decision and get a collection of photographs they cherish forever. In this way, they do not go home and wish they had photos of the Getting Ready session or photos by the beach. Yes, it is true!

Once you choose your photographer, make sure you request a variety of photos — both portrait sessions and spontaneous photographs. When you choose me as your photographer, I capture all the biggest moments of the day, so I ensure you have swoon-worthy wedding photos to look back on.

To make sure you do not have any regrets, here are my recommendations for can’t-be-missed wedding day photography that you should consider and talk about with your photographer:

1. Getting Ready Photos

dana-vlad-cancun-wedding-1-30 - wedding photos Dana looks super excited while hanging out with her loved ones, getting ready for the big moment!

These intimate photos of the bride and groom getting ready in their separate hotel rooms are instant keepsakes. In the Getting Ready photos, I will capture lovely moments with friends and family in a relaxed atmosphere, as well as detail shots of makeup, the bride’s dress, shoes, jewelry, wedding rings, flowers, and pre-ceremony bridal portraits … along with the groom’s dashing bow tie, the groom having a good time with his buddies, a pre-ceremony portrait of the groom, and all the other little items that add up to a unique wedding. Getting Ready photos have a “behind-the-scenes” feel to them; they are relaxed and fun.

Bride make up dramatic light - wedding photos The lighting from the mirror gives a dramatic vibe for Marilyn’s Getting Ready photo

Groom getting ready - wedding photos Andrew is getting ready and looking very sharp on his wedding day. He had style.

2. Ceremony/Reception Detail Photos

playa-del-carmen-wedding-kate-1.png - wedding photos Beautifully arranged details set the atmosphere for an unforgettable reception

You worked so hard planning your perfect destination wedding, and you don’t want to forget a moment of it. That’s why detail photos of the ceremony site and reception are so important. Typically, these photos are taken before the ceremony so that I can focus on all of the beautiful details before the location gets crowded. You’ll receive beautiful photos of your floral arrangements, place settings, welcome gifts, and all the other items that you added your special touch to.

beach decoration in cancun wedding - wedding photos A wedding direction sign can be helpful to your guests but also adds an extra level of elegance and enhances the feel of your wedding.

beach wedding reception table setting - wedding photos I love these types of photographs to document your setting and to show off the beauty of your wedding.

3. Ceremony Photos

Bride and groom - wedding photos This is a magical moment…vow exchanges and a promise of “happily ever after”.

Talk about a “must”! This is when all the emotions come out, and I work hard to capture it all — the walk down the aisle with Dad, the moment he gives his “little girl” away, the oh-so-cute procession of the flower girl and ring bearer, all the audience reactions, and the moment the couple says “I Do.” Sometimes, it’s nice to have a second photographer helping with ceremony photography, so you have plenty of photos of the couple and everyone in attendance Photographing the groom’s expression as he sees his bride for the first time and the bride walking down the aisle is always a great photograph.

Bride and groom kissing - wedding photos I always capture the dramatic backdrop during the ceremony. It is a moment to cherish forever.

Bride and groom celebrating - wedding photos Look how happy Ursula and Ben walking down the aisle. They’re ready for a new life together.

4. Couple Portrait Photos

Bride and groom beach wedding portrait - wedding photos Marilyn and Andrew as husband and wife. The expressions on their faces are priceless!

Bride and groom photography - wedding photos They are so happpy! I can see love in their eyes.

Bride and Groom next to Cancun Beach - wedding photos Andrew embraces Marilyn a lot during the bridal couple portrait. He’s indeed in love.

After the Ceremony photos, I think the Couple Portrait photos are the most important photographs of your day. Typically taken right after the ceremony, these photos capture your first moments as husband and wife — when you’re full of love and gratitude for one another. Plus, I capture the playfulness between the two of you! I love photographing Couple Portraits because I really see the special bond that each couple has shine through.

Tamara and Elaine - wedding photos All smiles for these newlyweds. I love this backdrop!

These photographs will be beautiful and timeless. I will give you direction to help you look your absolute best and so that the final photos look natural, spontaneous, and effortless. These photographs can be taken in the most gorgeous spots around the resort or beach to capture the destination wedding feel.

5. Family/Friend Portrait Photos

beachweddingyucatanmexico - wedding photos I love their expressions. These ladies share an emotional moment with the new bride.

These photos will become keepsakes that help you remember the loved ones who joined in to celebrate your big day. Plus, more formal portraits with family and close friends make great “thank you” gifts to send out after the wedding. These are formal family portraits with the bride and groom taken directly after the ceremony.

wedding family portrait at the beach - wedding photos Everyone is thrilled to be a part of this unforgettable party.

6. Bridal Portrait Photos

dana-vlad-wedding (510 of 715) - wedding photos Astonishing in her beautiful dress, the stairs dramatically showcase Dana’s lovely long train.

Brides spend months picking out the perfect dress, shoes, and hairstyle — remember yourself looking your best (and most in love!) with a special bridal portrait session. This portrait session gives us the opportunity to capture close-up details of the dress, shoes, make-up look, and bouquet too. It’s usually best for these photos to be taken before the ceremony, after the bride is done getting ready. These breathtaking photos make a great gift to the groom (or partner) and the bride’s parents after the wedding — pick out a few of your favorites that you know they will cherish forever.

nature-backdrop-bride - wedding photos Andrea is so beautiful and this lush green surrounding gives her a fairy tale photo.

7. Cocktail Hour Photos

vidanta wedding - wedding photos The guests get a chance to loosen up!

As the Couple Portrait photos are taken after the ceremony, couples usually host a cocktail hour for guest to attend while they’re having their photos taken. It’s the first time that all of a couple’s family and loved ones get to mingle after just watching the couple say “I Do” — so emotions are running high! To capture it all, I recommend also hiring a second photographer, who can take fun, spontaneous photos of guests in a relaxed environment during the Cocktail Hour while I work with you on your portrait photos.

wedding reception guests having fun - wedding photos I love to capture friends and family having fun at your wedding. This will allows be remembered!

8. Reception Photos

dana-vlad-cancun-wedding-3-582 - wedding photos Is everyone ready?

The night doesn’t end with the ceremony! I always love to photograph the important, once-in-a-lifetime moments of the reception, like the first dance as husband and wife, the father daughter dance, the mother and son dance, cake cutting, speeches,and the  bouquet and garter toss. Consider having these photographs in your album. Plus, this is when your guests can really cut loose — you’ll love and laugh over the photos of them shaking it on the dance floor all night long!

bride and groom first dance at night - wedding photos Marilyn and Andrew’s first dance as husband and wife. I love the lighting! We can feel love is in the air!

bride and groom kiss and dance - wedding photos These two are the center of attention on the dance floor

9. Resort Location Photos

riviera-maya-playa-del-carmen-coral-beach-club-wedding-2 - wedding photos Postcard perfect! The breathtaking scenario foretells an unforgettable wedding

One thing I love to do is photograph sweeping shots of the ceremony location itself — you chose to have a destination wedding in Mexico so you could be married in one of the most beautiful places in the world, so you’ll want photos to remember all of the beauty by.

Grand Sunset Princess Wedding - wedding photos I love how this photo shows the turquoise color of the water giving a spectacular contrast to the setting. 

10. Optional Photos

“First Look” Photos

Bride and groom - wedding photos Gazing at each other, Ursula and Dan are such a beautiful couple in love!

Not all couples opt to have the “first look,” but it is gaining in popularity among couples willing to break tradition. The “first look” is a private moment before the ceremony where the couple meets alone and sees each other for the first time. Photos of this moment are so special because they capture the surprise, awe, and relief couples feel as they lock eyes for the last time before they become one through marriage. This session is a great option to cut through nervousness … and feel more relaxed as you head to the ceremony site together.

“Trash the Dress” Session Photos

rebekah-the-royal-playa-del-carmen-78-3 - wedding photos Have a little fun on the beach in your wedding gown. Take a chance on unconventional yet memorable photographs.

First and foremost, I must clarify this point: Your dress is not truly trashed during this photo session. We call it “Trash the Dress” because it may get wet and a little sandy during the photo session. Don’t worry — all it needs is a professional cleaning it will be as good as new. Some brides bring a separate dress for this session.

cancun-trash-the-dress-beach-1-130 - wedding photos Fun in the sun for Olga an Yelissey!

So this is for brides who have a little “rock n’ roll” in them! You’re only going to wear your wedding dress once … so after the ceremony, give it proper goodbye with a “trash the dress” session, where the couple takes a fun, splashy swim in their formal attire. I’ll be on hand to capture it all, so that you’ll end up with photos that are creative, heartfelt, and truly one of a kind. A lively, light-hearted “trash the dress” session is a great way to start a life together.

Must-Have Photos based on Your Timeline

If you are planning to hire your photographer for a certain number of hours, here is my quick summary of what you will have photographed depending on how many hours you hire your photographer for:

2hr Photo Session

A two hour photo session, will give you Ceremony and Couple portraits.

3hr Photo Session

A three hour photo session, will give you Getting ready, Ceremony and Couple portraits.

5hr Photo Session

A five hour photo session, will give you Getting ready, Ceremony session, Couple portraits, Bridal portraits, Family portraits and Reception photographs. This is a very popular package and many brides are very happy to they chose this length of time to have me at their wedding. 

6hr Photo Session

A six hour photo session, will give you Getting ready, Ceremony session, Couple portraits, Bridal portraits, Family portraits and Reception photographs. The difference here is, you get more photographs of each event and I stay longer during the reception.

8hr Photo Session (includes 2nd photographer)

A eight hour photo session is the ultimate. This option will give you Getting ready, Ceremony session, Couple portraits, Bridal portraits, Family portraits and Reception photographs and a lot of great details including beautiful location photographs, so you remember all the details of your wedding and the resort.

52 Tips to Make Your Photo Session Go from being Average to Amazing!

These are not your average tips, these are exclusive tips that brides, couples and families have told me time and time again that these tips have made them more relaxed, less stressed and better prepared. And it showed on their beautiful photos!

So Enter your details below and have amazing photographs:


* Required fields

Riu Cancun Weddings Review: The Essential Guide to Choosing Riu Resort

All Riu Resorts weddings that I have had the honor of photographing have been so beautiful. Located on some of the best beaches throughout Mexico, Riu resorts combine top-notch amenities with unique architecture for weddings that bring a big smile to every guest’s face.

Jade wedding

The stunning landscape at Riu Palace Las Americas was the perfect backdrop to capture the romantic photos of Jade and Andrew by the bright blue sea.

Many couples that I work with choose a Riu hotel or resort for their wedding here in Riviera Maya, so I want to share with you my thoughts and advice on choosing the best fit for your Riu Cancun Wedding:

Hotel Riu vs. Hotel Riu Palace

Riu is known for its stunning Riu Palace resorts, which are more upscale and luxurious than standard Riu hotels. Riu resorts will simply take your breath away with their charm. The architecture is classic and elegant, and the vibe of Riu Palace resorts is more sophisticated overall. Hotel Riu Palace properties in Cancun are popular choices for couples who want that “fairy tale” wedding feel in their destination wedding in Mexico; it truly feels like you are whisked away to a regal palace paradise.

Most of the other Riu hotels and resorts in Cancun have a relaxed, beach-y vibe. They really highlight the tropical atmosphere of their locations, with fresh fruits, tiki cocktails and huge pools for guests to lounge around in. Riu hotels and resorts are perfect for people who like to party, too! There are tons of activities to join in, at any time of the day or night. Some Riu hotels are adults-only, which lend them a more romantic, sophisticated vibe — but it’s especially important to know if the Riu hotel you may want to host your wedding in Cancun is adults-only, if you are planning on having guests with children attend.

Dana wedding

At Dana’s lovely Riu Palace wedding, I quickly captured Dana giving her nephew a lifetime memory, and the backdrop is a dream come true! I love his expression, so warm and inviting – and with the Riu’s location it is priceless.

My Personal Favorite Riu Properties for Weddings

I’ve photographed many weddings at both standard Riu resorts and Hotel Riu Palace properties in Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya. and I love them all! Here, though, are some of my favorite Riu wedding resorts. Couples who host their Mexico destination weddings at these properties are always so thrilled with how the big day comes together:

Hotel Riu Cancun

Resort Riu Cancun

This bright, modern hotel offers stunning views of the sparkling turquoise waters of Mexico. The hotel Riu Cancun underwent a major renovation in 2014, and now it gives off a young, hip vibe with 10 restaurants, bars, 3 pools, and a nightclub.

Angie wedding

Angie & Michael had their Riu Cancun wedding in this hotel and had a blast with their closest friends and family.

Hotel Riu Palace Las Americas

Resort Riu Cancun

While just down the beach from Hotel Riu Cancun, this resort feels worlds away, thanks to the upscale, elegant feel of the Riu Palace hotels. Dramatic archways, columns, and statues evoke the Old World architecture of Europe — but guests get to enjoy the warm sun and sand of Mexico! For more information and photos of the Riu Palace Las Americas resort, check out our in-depth blog post here.

Dana and Vlad had some amazing portraits with the Riu Palace resort as the backdrop. Their photos have a dramatic and luxurious vibe. Take a look to their wedding portraits album for more photographs.

Find out more - contact us

Riu Palace Mexico


Another Palace property, the Riu Palace Mexico is in beautiful Playacar, Playa del Carmen. The series of pools and fountains that run down the center of the resort toward the sea is just jaw dropping — and it’s an incredible place to take some dramatic wedding photos

Sierra wedding

A Riu Palace Playa del Carmen wedding is a great option for Playacar destination weddings. Sierra and Austin had incredible photographs taken inside and outside of the resort!

Why a Riu Cancun Wedding Is a Great Choice

Like many hotels and resorts in Mexico, Riu provides impeccable service and amenities to all its guests. But here is how I think Riu sets itself apart when it comes to weddings:

    1. The architecture and landscape of Riu resorts is greatly varied, which means you have a lot of options when it comes to backgrounds for your wedding portraits. Plus, the grounds of every Riu resort I have been to are simply stunning. For example, the Palace hotel in Cancun has a beautiful terrace, sprawling grand staircase, and a pier that extends out over the water — these make for dramatic, romantic backdrops for wedding photos.
      Lindsey wedding


    1. Riu resort sizes are well thought out to create a nice experience. There are a lot of “mega” resorts in Mexico — they are so big you can get lost in them! I like the Riu resorts and hotels for weddings because they are a smaller, more manageable size. You get to spend more time with your wedding party and guests throughout your stay, since you will tend to congregate together in the same areas.
      Jade wedding


  1. Riu makes dealing with bad weather easy. You always have to plan for the possibility of rain if you host your wedding outside. At Riu resorts, that’s not a problem, since they have lots of options for hosting ceremonies inside. I have captured some beautiful photographs of couples at Riu seeking cover inside the resort’s breathtaking buildings.
    Dana wedding


List of Riu Resorts in Cancun and Playa del Carmen

Riu Cancun Resorts

Hotel Riu Cancun
(five Stars)

Blvd. Kukulcan, Km 9, Manzana 50, Lote 5, Zona Hotelera. Cancún
Tel: (+52) 99 88 48 71 51

Hotel Riu Caribe
(five stars)

Boulevard Kukulcan, Km 8.5, Manzana 50, Lote 4, Zona Hotelera. Cancún.
Tel: (+52) 99 88 91 43 00

Hotel Riu Palace
Las Americas

Boulevard Kukulcan, Km 8.5, Manzana 50, Lote 4, Zona Hotelera. Cancún.
Tel: (+52) 99 88 91 43 00

Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula

Blvd. Kukulcan, Km 5,5, Lote 6-C, Zona Hotelera. Cancún.
Tel: (+52) 99 88 48 80 90

Riu Playa del Carmen Resorts

ClubHotel Riu Tequila
(five stars)

Avenida Xaman-ha, Manzana 3, Lote 19, Condominio Playacar.
Playa del Carmen.
Tel: (+52) 98 48 73 43 00

Hotel Riu Lupita
(five stars)

Avda. Xaman-Ha, Manzana 20, Lote 1, Condominio Playacar. Playa del Carmen.
Tel: (+52) 98 48 77 42 20

Hotel Riu Palace Mexico

Avda. Xaman-Ha, Manzana 3, Lote 4, Condominio Playacar. Playa del Carmen.
Tel: (+52) 98 48 77 42 00

Hotel Riu Palace Riviera Maya

AV Xaman-Ha Mza 9 Y 10 Lote 1 INT. FRACC. Fase II Solidaridad. Playa del Carmen.
Tel: (+52) 98 48 77 22 80

Hotel Riu Playacar
(five stars)

Avenida Xaman-Ha, Manzana 6, Lote 6, Condominio Playacar. Playa del Carmen.
Tel: (+52) 98 48 77 23 00

Hotel Riu Yucatan
(five stars)

Avenida Xaman-ha, Manzana 3, Lote 1, Condominio Playacar. Playa del Carmen.
Tel: (+52) 98 48 77 20 50

Riu Isla Mujeres Resorts

Hotel Riu Dunamar
(Opening Dec 2017)
Blvd. Costa Mujeres, Isla Mujeres

What to Look Out For

I have worked with many couples as they have picked and planned their destination weddings at Riu resorts. Riu makes planning easy — but I have noticed that sometimes the couples I work with make the same mistakes, or are not aware of crucial information about planning a Riu wedding.

Lindsey wedding

Reserve Ahead for Private Venues

One thing to know is that if you want a private venue for your wedding that’s reserved only for your party — like a private dinner on the beach — you will need to work with your wedding coordinator to make it happen. This is a beautiful option (and prevents other resort guests from accidentally stumbling into your wedding!) but it takes just a little extra planning.

Angie wedding

Book Both the Ceremony Day and Time

Furthermore, I see a lot of couples confused about the wedding booking process. Many couples think they only have to book what day they want to host their ceremony at Riu — but that is not the case. Riu resorts host many weddings on a daily basis, so make sure you choose both your desired ceremony day and time when you book. Afternoon ceremonies are very popular, so if that’s what you desire as well, make sure you book as early as possible!

Riu Cancun Wedding

Dana and Vlad remembered to book a late afternoon wedding and we were able to capture these amazing bridal portrait photographs

Riu Wedding Planners Are a Huge Help

Finally, I would say that Riu weddings are a breeze to plan because the staff are so easy and fun to work with, and they are attentive to your every need. I have worked with Riu wedding coordinator Jennifer in the past, with outstanding results. I would be happy to refer her to any couple thinking of hosting their wedding at Riu — just get in touch and I will share her contact information with you.

Follow These Easy Steps to Getting Started with a Riu Wedding

To make this quick and easy for you, I have spoken to the Riu wedding coordinators and wedding executives to find the best and most effective way for you to quickly plan your Riu destination wedding with little stress and anxiety.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

riu palace cancun bride

After the getting ready photo session, Jade had plenty of time to relax and enjoy the view from her private room in Riu Palace Las Americas.

Helpful Riu Wedding Planning Tip: Know the Difference between a Riu Wedding Reservation Executive vs a Riu Wedding Coordinator

The first thing to understand is how Riu organizes its wedding departments. They have 2 teams to help deliver a high quality, customer-friendly wedding to you and it is a great system.

Wedding Reservation Executives

The first team is the Wedding Reservation Executives and the second team is the Wedding Coordinators. The reservation executives will work with you to plan and choose your wedding package. This includes choosing the type of wedding you want, the different vendors (photography, flowers, outdoor reception, ceremony style, etc), time and place.

Ceremony flowers in Riu Resort

Danielle and Elton’s decorations for their ceremony in Riu Palace were full of blue and purple roses and yellow flowers. It looked fun and also luxurious.

Riu Wedding Coordinator

The wedding coordinator takes this and creates the actual wedding at the resort. They are responsible for making your dream wedding come true at the resort on your wedding day with all the little details taken care of so you can elegantly walk down the aisle with a smile, worry-free.

Why have I told you all this? It is because many brides speak to the wrong Riu wedding representative when they have questions or concerns. When you know this difference, then you will know which person you need to talk to and you will get your questions and concerns answered much more quickly.

The best way to remember this is you start with the reservation executive and end with the wedding coordinator.

First dance in Cancun beach

Jade and Andrew’s first dance was next to the Cancun seashore. Don’t they look cute and so in love?

Step 1: Send an email to the Riu Reservation Executive Team

The Riu team has informed me the best way for you to get started is by sending a short, simple email. Send the email to weddings@riu.com. In your email try to provide as much of the following information to help your Riu Executive quickly understand what you are thinking:

To make it easy for you, here is a sample email for you to send:

=== start of sample email

Subject: Interested in booking a Riu wedding on (date) for (you name)Hola Riu Reservation Team,

I am excited to inform you that I am interested in booking my wedding at the (name of the Riu resort) in (city).

Here are the details of my wedding:

My name: (enter your name)
My fiance’s name: (enter your fiance’s name)

Type of Event: (wedding, vow renewal, anetc)

Date of Event (If you have not yet decided on the exact date, just a month and year is great)

My Phone number:
My email:

Approximate number of people attending your wedding: (if you have a general idea)

(If you have anything special in mind for your wedding

Can you please send me your wedding information package and who I can speak with to discuss this further?

Gracias por su asistencia.


(your name)

(Attach a picture of the 2 of you if you wish – making it personal is always nice and starts building the relationship with your Riu Executive in a nice way)

=== end of email

*I added a little Spanish at the end of the email. It is always received nicely. You are welcome to change the sample email as you want.

Step 2: Riu Executive sends you wedding packages

After you send your email to the reservation team a reservation executive is assigned to you. They work Monday through Friday, so if you send your email on the weekend, expect to hear back when the week starts. The Reservation executive will put together a general wedding information package (all electronic PDF files) and will reply with all this information via email containing attachments.

Read everything. Read all the fine print. If you have questions, send them via email to your reservation executive.

Riu Palace Playacar wedding

Sierra and her bridesmaids were so playful and excited for the big day. We couldn’t wait to take wonderful photos in Riu Palace Playacar’s garden.

Step 3: Decide on your wedding package

This is the fun part. Start working with your Riu Executive and decide on a wedding package that best meets your dream wedding. If you are using a Travel Agent or a Wedding Planner to book your wedding they will work directly with the reservation executive.

Helpful Riu Wedding Planning Tip: Know the Extra Fees

When you are deciding on your wedding package ask your Riu Reservation executive what is included in their package and what is extra. Ask about the extra fees. Have them send it to you in writing so there is no misunderstanding. Do not let these extra fees deter you from having a Riviera Maya destination wedding of your dreams. Most brides are happy they paid a little bit extra to get exactly what they wanted. After all, this is one of the biggest special events in your life.

Riu Palacer Playacar wedding portrait

Danielle and Scott had a small and lovely wedding in Riu Palace Playacar. They were always showing their love and I loved to photograph those private moments.

Vendor Fees

Most resorts will have vendor fees for external vendors to come to the resort and provide you services.
Read this article to read more about Vendor Fees and how to negotiate them.

Riu resort has a small, reasonable fee. Riu resort will provide you their wedding photographer name. Contact them and see if you like their work, the photograph package they will provide, etc. Read my article about choosing an on-site resort photographer and what questions to ask and what to be aware of.

My Riu Wedding Photography Package

If you want me to photograph your wedding, I would be delighted to capture your special day and provide you a collection of wonderful memories that you, your family and friends can cherish for a lifetime.

Riu Palace Cancun wedding photographer

Dana and Vlad were a fun and very spontaneous couple. I loved being a part of their big day in Riu Palace Las Americas.

I have photographed at most of the Riu resorts in the Riviera Maya and have a very nice relationship with the reservation team and the wedding coordinators. Riu has wonderful resorts and we will capture beautiful moments together.

Click here to download my price list and see which package best fits your needs.

CTA - email contact us

Step 4: Obtain Your Riu Confirmation code

Once you have verified your package and the dates with the Riu executive, they will provide you a Wedding Confirmation Code. Once you have this code, you are ready to reserve your Riu wedding.

Step 5: Reserve Your Wedding, Obtain Wedding Coordinator Name

This is one of the most important steps. Once you are happy with your wedding package and have negotiated your price, you are ready to confirm your wedding. When you confirm your wedding, you are reserving your date and informing Riu that you have chosen them to create your dream destination wedding.

Helpful Riu Wedding Planning Tip: Remember to Reserve the Time of Your Wedding

Most couples make the mistake of only reserving their wedding date with the resort. The Riu has various morning and afternoon times for your wedding reception. For great photographs, you want to try and reserve a late afternoon wedding. Read this article about the best times for great wedding photographs.

To Reserve Your Wedding
Go to: http://www.weddingsbyriu.com

Enter the confirmation code you received from your Riu Reservation Executive.
You will be asked to enter your credit card. Do not worry, it will not be charged. All charges will be payable at the resort.

Step 6: Obtain Your Confirmation Voucher and Wedding Coordinator name

Once you have completed Step 5, you will receive a confirmation voucher email which confirms your wedding.

You will receive information about your wedding coordinator as well.

Congratulations! You have now committed to a day to marry the person you love and be with them for the rest of your life! I am so happy for you!

Riu Palace

It a was a sunny day for Danielle and Elton’s wedding in Riu Palace Las Americas. Their photos are just fantastic, as their passion shines through in all of them.

Helpful Riu Wedding Tip: How to Make Changes to Your Wedding Package

  1. If you want to make any changes to your wedding package, between the time you reserve your wedding and your wedding day, speak to the Reservation Executive.
  2. If you have any last minute changes to the specific details of your wedding setup, contact your Riu wedding coordinator.

Step 7: Know When Your Riu Wedding Coordinator Will Contact You

Your Riu wedding coordinator will normally contact you three months before your wedding, to verify your package, preference and get any questions answered to make sure you have a beautiful day!

As you can imagine the Riu wedding coordinators are very busy each day with making sure weddings just like yours are set up beautifully, are inspirational and everyone in the wedding party is taken care of and happy. In between doing this, they are preparing for upcoming weddings, answering emails, verifying all the setup details are in place, etc.

Enjoy your time and be patient with them when you send them an email.

riu palace

I love to catch those little moments where the couple is enjoying their destination wedding in a magical place, like this Riu Palace.

Step 8: Choosing Your Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Once you have your wedding date confirmed at the Riu, contact me and let’s talk about your special day.

To get started, send me your wedding details and I will walk you through the different photo sessions you can have on your wedding day and learn what you envision for your photographs so we can create a beautiful collection of photographs. I will enhance it by giving you more ideas and then I will provide you tips so you can have a relaxed and enjoyable wedding day.

You can contact me sending the following form:

Please provide your information and I will contact you shortly

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Write your note here. Please tell me a little about yourselves and what you have planned for your wedding day.