Fun Hard Rock Riviera Maya Wedding – Heather and Nadeem’s Rocking Wedding

Heather and Nadeem’s Hard Rock Riviera Maya wedding is such a beautiful love story. Nadeem came to the United States all the way across the Atlantic Ocean from London. He moved on his own for work to Dallas, Texas and he didn’t know anyone. Heather was a neighbor and as they got to know each other…they just knew they were right for each other and today was evidence of their love for each other!

hard rock wedding bride groom photo session on dock

riviera maya photographer bride bridesmaids dresses

Heather’s beautiful wedding dress is elegant but well suited for the warm Mexican summer days. She picked a nice light contrasting color for the bridesmaids and the groom’s ensemble to match. Simple elegance is beautiful and shows in all the photographs.

wedding photographer bride getting makeup ready

playa del carmen wedding photographer bridesmaid helping beautiful bride dressing

Heather’s younger sister was also her bridesmaid and seeing them share this special day together was wonderful. As you can imagine, they had lots of loving tender moments together. You can see her helping her sister with her wedding dress here. A precious moment I wanted to capture for them.

hard rock riviera wedding bridesmaids helping bride getting ready smiling

destination wedding photographer bride smiling

playa del carmen wedding photographer bridemaids helping bride with her white dress

hard rock riviera maya wedding photographer bride crying reading letter

Heather and her mom are very close. During the getting ready photo session, her mom gives her a little gift and both mother and daughter have a loving moment together. Her mom was so proud and happy for her oldest daughter and it showed all weekend long. She always had a beautiful smile on her face.

playa del carmen wedding mother of bride kissing bride

riviera maya wedding groom and groomsmen getting ready

destination wedding photographer groom groomsmen laughing

The groom’s getting ready photographs were so much fun! Best of all the room was quiet orderly so the getting ready photographs really makes them pop. These guys were dashing and just having fun with Nadeem. They were doing crazy stuff all weekend long.

hard rock wedding groom groomsmen walking to ceremony venue

The groom and groomsmen kept cool with their light colored attire. You can see the sunny day glowing over their wedding and these boys are looking dashing and fresh. Here is Nadeem arriving at the wedding ceremony and getting ready to be congratulated by his dad. Such a great moment for father and son!

playa del carmen wedding young guests at ceremony smiling

The Hard Rock Riviera Maya is really well designed for weddings consisting of adult couples and families with kids. They have the “Hacienda” resort catering to families and the adjoining “Heaven” resort for adults only. This allows your guests to intermingle between the two as they can cater to everyone’s needs.

riviera maya wedding smiling groom groomsmen waiting for the bride

wedding photographer beautiful flower girl walking down the aisle

hard rock riviera maya wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony views at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya are spectacular. The ocean breeze and shade from the palapa keeps everyone cool and enjoying the wedding ceremony.

riviera maya wedding photographer beautiful bride groom being officiated

wedding photographer pretty bride saying her vow

destination wedding photographer bride groom laughing in ceremony

The highlight for me was to see their uniqueness shine as Nadeem can always say just the right thing to make Heather laugh…even at the alter he puts a sweet smile on his new bride’s face. What a delight to see everyone enjoying their loving moment.

hard rock riviera bride groom happily walking out the ceremony

riviera maya wedding photographer happy bride groom and the whole family

wedding photography groom groomsmen unique socks and shoes

playa del carmen wedding photographer groom and his best man smiling

beautiful happy bride holding wedding bouquet up high

riviera maya photographer smiling bride groom photo session

hard rock wedding happy bride groom photo session on bridge

hard rock riviera maya wedding photographer bride smiling to her groom

The Hard Rock Riviera Maya grounds are beautiful and so diverse. It gives us wonderful bridal photographs as we walk around and everywhere we look is a postcard perfect photograph waiting to be captured.

smiling bride groom hugging on the bridge

groom kissing smiling bride on the cheek

happy bride groom photo session on the beach side

beautiful smiling bride in white wedding dress and veil

smiling bride with her wedding veil flying

beautiful bride in white wedding dress holding colorful bouquet

bride groom showing their wedding rings

wedding reception table setting

smiling groomsmen taking selfie

bride groom first wedding dance with fireworks on the background

happy bride groom wedding dance

bride happily dancing with the guests

Surrounded by friends and family coming from all around the world: Australia, Bermuda, Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Africa there was no stopping the fun we all had.

wedding reception guests happily dancing

smiling bride dancing with a young girl

Heather loves to dance and Sofia was glad to keep her company as these two rocked the dance floor.

bride bridesmaids comfortable wedding sport shoes

These bridesmaids thought ahead and wore comfy shoes for the nighttime dance festival. I love when couples bring their unique style to their weddings and I make sure to capture it so they can remember it for the rest of their lives!

smiling bride groom cutting wedding cake with fireworks on the background

I love their idea of having the firework sparklers going off as they cut their cake – a great touch to make the moment shine and keep all the guests’ attention on the caking cutting ceremony.

groom kissing bride in front of wedding cake

beautiful bride got surprised by fireworks

A great ending…once again Nadeem says a private joke to Heather and has her laughing away!

Congratulations to this beautiful couple. I wish you love and happiness for the rest of your lives!

Riu Cancun Wedding – Hannah and Simon’s Beach Destination

This was a dream destination wedding for Hannah and she was a beautiful bride. Hannah, Simon and their family travelled all the way across the Atlantic from the UK to Riu Cancun Resort.

riu cancun wedding bride and daughter

Ariella, their daughter, was so sweet and angel during their wedding day. I loved how they included her in the day’s celebration and we captured many special timeless photographs of them with their little girl. Hannah and Simon will just smile each time they look at these photographs and cherish them forever.


riu cancun getting ready wedding dress hanging

During the Getting Ready session, I get a chance to capture artistic photographs for the bride and groom. This is one of my favorite ones.
riu cancun wedding bride on balcony

It was a beautiful sunny Cancun wedding day with no chance of rain, some light clouds and a nice breeze to help deal with the hot day.

riviera maya wedding grooms ties

I love the ties! Such beautiful bold designs with colors complementing the wedding colors very nicely.

riu cancun photograph groom getting ready

The groom’s Getting Ready is so different than the bride’s Getting Ready (just look how empty his countertop is).

riu cancun photograph groom getting ready

riu cancun wedding bride and bridesmaids toasting

We always find a little time to relax and enjoy the moment.

riu cancun beach wedding ceremony

You can see the beautiful weather Hannah and Simon had, blue skies, azul blue calm waters and a group of friends and family to celebrate their love.

riu cancun beach wedding

This lovely couple decided to officially get married in Cancun rather than just a symbolic ceremony and you can see the emotions on Hannah’s face…so precious.

riu cancun wedding bride and groom wedding vows

riu cancun beach wedding ceremony vows

beach wedding ceremony

riu cancun bride groom getting married

riviera maya wedding on the beach

A timeless family moment that we can all enjoy and cherish.

riviera maya wedding photographer whole family

Daddy’s little girl!


cancun wedding photographer bride groom with daughter

cancun wedding photographer groom with daughter

The bouquet toss was priceless! The color of the flowers and blue sky backdrop with the magnificent ocean color just makes me feel nice and warm inside.

beach wedding ceremony bridesmaid jumping

riviera maya beach wedding bouquet toss

riviera maya beach wedding kiss

Congratulations! The couple’s session is a time for them to relax after the ceremony, enjoy each other’s company, have fun and create some beautiful memories.

riu wedding groom kissing bride

mexico wedding walking on beach

riu cancun beach wedding bride and groom intimate moment

riviera maya beach wedding bride showing off ring

A timeless photograph of the beautiful bride showing off her ring.

mexico wedding groom timeless moment

riu cancun wedding groom on beach

riviera maya wedding photographer bride hugging groom

They had so many tender glances for each other with pure love in their eyes.

cancun wedding photographer bride on pier

mexico wedding bride and groom on beach

The pier at Riu Cancun is a great backdrop allowing for some elegant timeless photographs we can all enjoy and cherish.

riu cancun wedding groom on beach

riviera maya wedding photographer bride and groom kissing

cancun wedding photographer bride with groom wearing sombrero

This couple knew how to create unique moments and we all had fun throughout the day! The sombrero worked brilliantly with Simon’s suit.


riu cancun wedding

riu wedding

Thank you Hannah and Simon! We wish you a lifetime of joy and happiness!


Azul Fives Wedding Getting ready – Justine & Ben

Justine and Ben spent their whirlwind wedding day at the Azul Fives Hotel, where a cloudless August sky and stunning blue-green sea combined to make their destination wedding location a dream come true. But before this fun-loving, stylish couple stepped onto the ceremony aisle, they had to get ready!

bride portrait

During the Getting Ready session, I captured warm, intimate moments that Justine and Ben shared with their closest family and friends before the ceremony. The result was photographs that speak to the amazing love and support this lucky couple received from their loved ones on this incredibly special day — check out the photos below:

Azul Fives Cancun Wedding

beach wedding dress

roses bouquet

bridal shoes

bride getting ready with mom

Justines wedding in azul fives

bride and bridesmaids

groom with the rings

groom getting ready with friends

bride getting ready

bride and bridesmaids

It was a big bridal party — the more the merrier in Justine’s spacious suite! Don’t you love how beautiful all the bridesmaids look in that romantic blush-pink color?

kids getting ready for wedding

bride and her wedding dress

bride and her bridal gown

bride wearing garter belt

I love capturing the little details during the Getting Ready photo session, like the adorable blue and white garter that Justine slipped on.

bride getting dressed

bride getting dressed with bridesmaids

bride getting ready


She’s almost ready! Justine is simply glowing as her helpful bridesmaids smooth out her long train. It’s almost time for the big “I Do” moment …

bride and her mother

getting ready for wedding

bride wearing veil

bride getting ready with her mom

What a dramatic image as Justine peeks through her delicate veil. She looks so stunning, and I love how her glimmering hair clip adds an extra touch of glamour to the photograph.

bride black and white portrait

bride ready for Cancun wedding


Jasmine's portrait

bride portrait

bride ready for her Azul Fives Cancun wedding

And so the procession to the beautiful ceremony location begins! Justine’s bridesmaids help keep her cool in the hot August heat with an umbrella — so she can absolutely stun as she walks down the aisle.

Want to see the jaw-dropping ceremony site — and the way Justine and Ben react when they see each other in their wedding attire for the first time? Check out Justine and Ben’s gorgeous ceremony photos here.


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