7 Easy Preparation Tips to Have Fabulous Photographs

Everyone wants to look fabulous in their beach photographs. One thing I have noticed is brides, couples, families make small mistakes that has them wish they realized beforehand to avoid. This is why I have put together these essential tips on how to prepare for the photoshoot to help you to look great in your photo session.

fabulous photographs in Cancun

Being ready for your special day photographs can make huge difference in having a fun exciting day and enjoying your photographs for a lifetime.

When I photograph you and your family I want us to have a great time, I want you to enjoy a wonderful day with your loved ones and not only will you have photographs you can cherish for a lifetime, you will remember the day you photographed it and the fun you had photographing it with your partner, friends and family.

I have photographed a lot of weddings in different places around the world and some things are always the same. I found when you and your family are well informed and prepare for your photography session you will be happier and the results show it.

So, here are some of the important things you can do to prepare. Choose the ones that apply to you. Also, do not stress out if you cannot do all the things I mention, these are just suggestions.


It’s important to think about what you will wear carefully for a family photo shoot. Mexico is blessed with hot, balmy weather, so slip on something light and comfortable to avoid looking sweaty and bothered in your photographs.


Opt for solid colors instead of patterns, as not only do these look better on camera, they also age the image less, making your photos still look great in years to come.

Coordinate your colors and outfits so you look like a group. This does not mean everyone has to have the same color tops and bottoms, but a common style makes a huge difference in complimenting each other and creating fabulous photographs.

Dress Rehearsal

A day or two before the photo session, lay your clothes out together and see how it looks next to each other. I also recommend having everyone try on the clothes they will be wearing for photo sessions prior to the session. You may be surprised how some of your kids may have outgrown a shirt or you may have some inspiration to add a splash of color with a belt, scarf or pin.


Brides might be tempted to wear high heels, but try walking on a soft sandy beach in a pair of stilettos – it’s not easy! And you don’t want to look clumsy and uncomfortable in your images.

Instead, choose slip-on flat sandals or even go barefoot if the sun is setting and the sand isn’t too hot. Brides, no one will be able to tell under a long dress, and men and children will look relaxed and comfortable – the best way to get natural, happy photos!


Beach weather might sound idyllic for a wedding, but in reality, it means you have to think carefully about your hair and skin.

Tresses can become dry, windswept and sandy after a full day on the shore, so give them a good conditioning treatment prior to your photoshoot for silky, shiny locks. You might also want to opt for an up hair do to avoid it whipping around your face on windy afternoons – unless you want to go for a tousled, natural look, of course, which can be very beautiful for relaxed, romantic weddings

Ladies should cut their hair two weeks before the shoot so their tresses look healthy and voluminous, while a snip two days before will be fine for grooms. Now’s not the time to go for a crazy new style though, so stick to a look you know works for you!



Make sure you are groomed to perfection but don’t do some things on the day of your photo session, do them beforehand.

Guys, It is a good idea to shave the night before to avoid any last-minute nicks and cuts, and moisturize thoroughly to get rid of bumps and redness.

You should also moisturize your body and skin plenty for a week prior to the photoshoot to ensure your skin is in top condition and isn’t dry or flaky.

Preparing kids and babies


The keywords are rest, toys and snacks.

If you’re including babies in your photoshoot, make sure they are well-rested and fed. You might be tempted to keep them up late the night before to see family arrive, but it is best they get a good night’s sleep so they are refreshed and happy for the big day ahead.

Don’t be surprised if they get distracted easily, and bring some toys and snacks for them during the day so they don’t become bored and irritable. But don’t panic if they’re not in the mood – as a professional photographer, I’ve dealt with many grumpy babies in my time and can always capture a great picture of them in the end.

With kids, I have some great secrets to keeping them happy and engaged during our photo session, so don’t worry – they will have as much fun as you!

Protect your skin from the sun

It’s natural to get excited by the beautiful weather after touching down in Mexico, but make sure you stay in the shade and protect your skin from the sun in the lead-up to your photo session. The last thing you want is unsightly sunburns and tan lines in your photographs, so cover up! And don’t forget to bring a hat, extra sunglasses (it’s too easy to lose a pair) and sunblock!

52 Tips to Make Your Photo Session Go from being Average to Amazing!

These are not your average tips, these are exclusive tips that brides, couples and families have told me time and time again that these tips have made them more relaxed, less stressed and better prepared. And it showed on their beautiful photos!

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